keyboard_arrow_left Back to portfolio TurboGrade: Final CS205 (Software Engineering) Project
Work on this project involved:
  • Product management
  • Communication with customer
  • UI/UX design
  • Software architecture and database design
  • Implementation of the software in C++/Qt/SQLite
  • Mock marketing through video advertisements

Grading has never been easier.

TurboGrade is a the easiest way to grade assignments for Computer Science classes

Professors ❤️ TurboGrade

We have worked very closely with Computer Science professors to get their feedback on the platform and optimize it to their needs and grading routines.

Integrated Grading Environment

TurboGrade includes an IDE with full syntax highlighting, execution of student code within the interface as well as code highlighting and grade keeping.

Grade in the blink of an eye

We have perfected our user interactions to give professors the easiest grading experience ever made, simply highlight the portion of code that you want to comment on and add your remarks!

Give students meaningful feedback

Turbograde provides cleanly designed, highly informative reports that can be easily delivered to students to provide them with feedback about what went well and what went wrong with their assignment.

Watch our keynote

Born in a classroom environment, Turbograde was our final project for the software Engineering course. Watch us deliver our presentation of the software's capabilities to our peer students.