Wassim Gharbi

Designer, Software Engineer, Computer Vision and HCI researcher studying Computer Science at Lafayette College
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Research / Human-Computer Interaction Projects

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HCI Processing
Nontouch Screen Interaction Positioning camera-enabled devices on non-touch screens using color detection
ESP8266 Wireless RC Car Using a Wemos D1 Mini board and a custom-made web interface
processing leap motion
Leap Motion Pencil Small Processing sketch that draws on the screen using a pencil
leap motion
MirrorOS: UI for Magic Mirrors Uses LeapMotion to provide a touch interface for smart mirrors
kinect projector
Wearable Projector Interface A wearable projector/kinect prototype that enables interaction on any surface
Wemos D1 Serial Demo for Wemos D1 Mini OLED Shield
design HCI
Physical Object UI Interaction Used accelerometer data to create novel augmented user interfaces
HCI leap motion
Leap Motion TouchScreen Cheap Touch Screen using Leap Motion and DIY IR pointer
Macbook Touch Used Projector and Leap Motion to give a Macbook a second touch screen
java app
YikYak Data Analysis Uses text analysis to visualize Yaks
web app watson api
Picture Captcha Cracker Uses Watson API visual object recognition
java app
YikYak Data Analysis Uses text analysis to visualize Yaks
web app research
Calc. Intelligent Tutor Research project about algorithmically generating functions for calculus exercises
web app javascript
Responsive Math Keypad Open-source responsive Math input for desktop/mobile
tensorflow research
Deep Neural Networks Researched face similarity with Tensorflow
python computer vision
Face-swap with OpenCV Face-swap web app developed using OpenCV and Python
java app
Y86 Processor Simulator Graphical Y86 Processor Simulator built in Java/Swing

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My Websites & Apps

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web app
ThatMP3.com™ Youtube to MP3 converter w/ ID3 tags
web app
AlterEgo™ Anonymous social network
Lafayette College Mobile web portal concept
web app
SEOMasters Website concept for SEO
Lottery App Design concept
iphone app
ActorGenie App iPhone App, uses Face Recognition to identify actors
java app
PAudacity Audio Editor on Processing
web app
CourseWizard Course Scheduler for Lafayette College
web app
AlterEgo™ Anonymous social network
web app data scraping
Movine Leanback Functional movie streaming website
web app
Hotnewhiphop to MP3 Data scraper and MP3 converter
concept design
Probux Redesign concept
web app concept
Mobilo™ Mobile Landing Page Maker
web app concept
Mobilo™ Mobile Landing Page Maker
concept design
Schedule App Mobile Timetable & Studies Planner
web app
Needrom Phone Reviews Website
web app
Needrom Phone Reviews Website
web app
BIL:TUNIS Event Management Platform
design data scraping
Movine App Responsive movies app
design data scraping
Movine App Responsive movies app
web app
Mei Li Vos Political Campaign Website
web app
OTS Online Quiz Platform
web app
Tuniprize™ Rewards Website
web app
Chelfom Company Website
web app
Latbash Interiors Company Website
design web app
My Portfolio Combines my design and programming skills
java app
Photo Editing App With custom made filters and brushes
web app
Leadership Institute Wordpress website for Rec. Services
web app
Who's Who Quiz Interactive quiz for the Paris Bridge Club
web app
Merry Christmas! Interactive animation for the Paris Bridge Club
java app
Chutes & Ladders Sim. A simulation of the game “Chutes and Ladders” in Java
android app design
DreamAfrica™ Android Developed an Android app for a storytelling platform
web app
Flipbook Generator An online interactive flip-book generator
Alpha Europe Energy Website for French energy company
web page design
Coming Soon "Coming Soon" web-page for United Plastic LLC
web page design
United Plastic LLC Landing page for United Plastic LLC
data scraping web app
Activities Form Generator Data parser that converts survey data to formatted pdf

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My Logos, T-Shirts and Posters


My Skills



Master almost all of the web dev. languages as well as Java, Lua and other programming languages


Able to originate extremly creative and esthetically pleasing web and product designs, concepts and sketches

Speak 4 Languages

I speak French, Arabic (standard and Tunisian), German and English fluently

Article Writing & Community Management

Good critical writing skills especially for technology and design oriented articles/reviews

Project Management

Able to manage and work in a team to conceive and realize projects excellently.

Leadership & Communication

Perfect communication skills, able to effectively deal with unexpected difficulties
PHP HTML CSS MySQL jQuery Node.js IBM Watson API IBM AlchemyAPI Computer Vision Neural Networks Facebook API Data Scraping Leap Motion Kinect Arduino Regex Java Processing Pascal Python/Numpy Lua Apache Wordpress eCommerce Photoshop Illustrator

My Studies

My Courses

My Work Experience

My Drawing Journal

Includes drawings from my "Understanding Design" class

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My Activities


ACM at Lafayette

Member of the Lafayette College Chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery


Member of TEDxLafayette, helping with event organization and poster design

International Students Association

Member of Lafayette ISA, hosting diverse events/activities


Frequently swim for recreation and exercising (racing as well as diving)

Firefox Ambassador

Lafayette College Firefox Student Ambassador

Drawing & Sketching

Took drawing classes, sketch and design as a hobby

Hackathons & Contests

Took part in many hackathons and coding contests

Arduino & DIY

Interested in circuits, Arduino, Leap Motion, Kinect and other "do it yourself" projects

Computer Science Tutoring

Help my classmates and other students with their computer science courses

CCC Alumn

Alumn of the Competitive College Club in Tunisia, help with SAT, essay writing and the application process

Web Development & Design

Design, code and maintain websites for companies, clubs and personal projects


Write technology/design oriented articles for online communities and on personal Medium blog

Writings, Publications & Social Media

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